WTH, man?! 

So why did I do it? I guess you can blame it on the smart marketing at Xbox. Man, these Xbox advertises are all over the place! Kidding, although it’s partly true-ha! For all the PC fanboys who are disappointed, I don’t care. YOLO- you gotta try everything.

I think what finally drove me over is actually a combination of reasons, and in the past, I’ve always said that if Xbox One made certain changes I would buy one. And indeed the Xbox of today is quite different from when it first launched. This is a great time to get an Xbox One if you haven’t- don’t wait for Black Friday. Personally, I bought it because of serval factors, 1) saving, I managed to pull some couponing  skills and received a generous 15% discount. 2) Price, compared to launch day version, current Xbox Ones are cheaper, mainly due to the decision to exclude the Kinect unit. Lastly, 3), larger storage capacity option- doubled from 500GB to 1TB. But aside from those reasons, most important are the changes coming at end of year- the long anticipated wait of Halo 5 and Direct X12. If rumors are true Xbox One will receive a significant performance boost and finally delivered on “next gen gaming” concept…maybe. Basically, there’s just too many exciting things happening for the Xbox, I just didn’t want to be left out- there I said it!

I didn’t just get any Xbox One, I went for the win and picked up this Forza special edition machine. Besides the cool color scheme- systems comes with a larger hard drive (1TB), free copy of Forza game, limited edition Forza controller, and best of all it makes a cool car sound effects. This is one of many reasons why I love the Xbox- great attention to hardware details and options.
On the topic of great hardware options, this controller stand is a freaking great! Its simple but for someone who seldom collects controller its a must. It looks better standing than just laying on the counter.
LOL, Xbox finally bringing 3.5 jack to its controllers. But to their credit, they are listening to their gamer- (cough, cough) Playstation!
Designed to entertain and for your pleasure.
You get an actual logo- unlike PlayStation. I hope you’re keeping notes through this blog PS.
This intake would be massive compared to the PS4, but this is actually the smallest one.
This is after a weekend of use. Big vents mean lots of dust. I do live with a husky though.
Top exhaust vent is massive, but I can appreciate it considering the amount of abuse this system will endure.
More dust- yuck! Regular dusting is a must.
Because I don’t like people’s dirty hands on my controllers.

Client Build: Redrum

First time building an x99/ LGA 2011 platform. Few things that caught my attention, the CPU is incredibly huge and DDR4 makes a huge difference. I’m tempted to upgrade mine.

The owner of this rig is a freelance photographer and videographer- this rig should serve him very well. Some parts were picked beyond my comfort level, but it’s mainly to fit the all red theme.

It’s Christmas in September!
gonna be long and fun night
Installing the massive CPU.
beauitful, GTX970 MSI card.
moving along
fully constructed, now enjoy the view
her first boot
under low lighting
Packaging to new home

Wrapped: Bye Bye Fridge

System up and running, but I had to drill holes into the window so the reference card can breathe better.
Only trusted brand I use- besides they are the most aggressive/cool looking hardware
All business in the back as usual
They’re best friends
Gotta match: check this rad E-Element Keyboard that just arrived. BTW, you cannot find this at any retailer.